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Accurate colour with amazing UV special effects

The Roland LEC-540 prints directly onto your production substrates, folding box board, films, labels etc. We even have customers printing onto leather.

The LEC-540 is capable of replicating emboss, deboss, spot UV gloss and matt, as well as a high opacity white.

The artwork layers are precisely controlled using the Efi XF rip software, enabling the user to vary the gloss, matt and white strength and print all the special effects. It is fully pantone enabled and can import external CXF colour data for accurate reproduction of spot colours.

VersaUV S-Series Belt Printer

VersaUV S-Series Belt Printer

VersaUV S-Series belt printers offer the ultimate versatility in UV printing to go beyond standard printer capabilities and push the boundaries of direct print possibilities.

VersaUV S-Series LEC-330S-B150, LEJ-640S-B150, LEJ-640S-B250

  • UV-LED belt printers
  • 760 and 1625mm belt widths
  • 1470 or 2470mm belt lengths
  • Print roll-to-roll, flexible and rigid substrates and objects up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight
  • Includes media table. Additional tables available as option.
VersaUV S-Series Flatbed Printer

VersaUV S-Series Flatbed Printer

VersaUV S-Series flatbed printers deliver the ultimate versatility in UV printing to go beyond traditional colour print and conventional substrates.

VersaUV S-Series LEC-330S-F200, LEJ-640S-F200, LEJ-640S-F300, LEJ-640S-F400

  • UV-LED flatbed printer
  • 826 and 1696mm bed widths
  • 2090, 3090 and 3818mm bed lengths
  • Print rigid and flexible substrates and objects up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight
  • Multi-zone vacuum

Fiery XF 7

Introducing the Fiery® XF 7 digital front end to your wide or superwide print production is the easiest way to achieve superior color results, gain maximum productivity, and profit from business insights — all with the unrivaled power of EFI™ Fiery Command WorkStation® digital print job management.

Proofgate 10 RIP
  • Precise, productive, profitable print production
  • Unrivaled print job management
  • Maximum productivity and throughput
  • Ultimate color, quality and control
  • Business-savvy print production

Training included

We don't just provde you with the hardware. We will also install the whole system and provide you with all the necessary training to get you up and running on-site. With Revolution you don't just get a printer but a wealth of knowledge, experience and a committment to you to get the very best out of your new film system.

Case Studies

Revolution have helped many people increase the quality and versatility of their Packaging Prototyping Solutions including the following:

Revolution Shirts case study

Beatus Cartons

Family owned and run Beatus Cartons is a design and manufacture company that produces creative and versatile cartons for a range of products.

In October 2015, to facilitate the impending launch of the Innovation Centre, Clive and his team purchased the Roland DG VersaUV LEC-540 UV inkjet printer/cutter from Roland DG Authorised Dealers - Revolution Digital. Printing in CMYK plus white and gloss, the LEC-540 had the ability to print colour-accurate packaging prototypes that were virtually indistinguishable from the finished product.

"The LEC-540 gave us the ability to instantly respond to a customer’s need with its integrated print, crease and cut functionality, meaning we could deliver the end-to-end prototype without time-consuming manual intervention."

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Revolution Shirts case study

Beams International

Beams International specialises in the design and manufacture of gift packs, and packaging of goods for promotions in the food and drinks’ industry.

Realising that its existing wide-format proofing system was limited because its aqueous-based inks were not able to output to the actual materials used in a final production run, Beams wanted a solution which would provide a true simulation of its packaging creations. Working with UK specialist Roland DG’s partner, Revolution, the company opted for the print-and-cut versatility of the VersaUV LEC-540.

“From the moment that we ordered the new printer we had a demand for its unique capabilities and since its installation and commissioning we have been able to produce prototype packaging that is as good as the real thing.”

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