TrueVIS MG-640

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Combining TrueVIS heritage, Print & Cut capabilities and the benefits of UV-LED printing, the MG add a new dimension to graphic printing. Latest generation UV inks print onto a vast range of media and the cool running LED lamps ensure optimum curing. Special inks such as White, Gloss and Printable Primer allow for premium finishes for many applications and the additional Red and Orange inks produce high quality print reproduction and simplified spot colour matching.

  • Performance: Successor product of LEC2 devices
  • Value: Sharing core functionality of the LG Series at a more affordable price
  • Color Reproduction: Red & Orange inks compliment the colour gamut available from the 500ml cartridge supplied EUV5 inks
  • Opportunities: Target new markets and decorate more substrates by combining UV Decal ink to EUV5
  • Versatility: Compatible with optional extension table ET-30/64 for printing to semi-rigid substrates and tension bar TB-30 for flexible packaging printing.