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Please call on 01530 510080 or 0800 298 5086 for any inks, media or consumables required.


Authorised Roland Reseller


Roland Inks, Blades and other spare parts.

Canon logo


Ink and other consumables for Canon Printers.

Graphtec logo


Graphtec consumables including blades, cutting strips and blade holders

ORIS logo


ORIS consumables including ink and media for packaging proofing


3M Label Media

3M Label Media

Revolution Digital are an Authorised Distributor for 3M Label Media.

Canon printable media

Canon Media

We have a wide range of printable media for Canon Large Format Printers

Coldenhove Papier Holland media

Coldenhove Papier Holland

Thanks to our focus on the development of new paper applications, Coldenhove Papier remains a leading company in the paper industry.

Hahnemühle Media

Hahnemühle Media

We produce our papers with passion and focus on quality instead of quantity. With an annual production of some 3,000 tons we are a manufactory rather than a factory.

Impressora media

Impressora Media

Whether you need paper rolls for CAD, photographs, proofing, giclee printing or production, our media has been carefully selected and profiled for optimum results.

Kodak media

Kodak Media

We stock a wide range of Kodak Media suitable for a diverse array of applications.

Phototex media

Phototex Media

Phototex specialise in the production of printable repositionable wallpaper.

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